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Today’s world is rife with financial scams. Identity theft is a growing epidemic. In such a world, it is important to take steps to protect your financial security. That is why here at PayDayAllDay, we also take steps to keep you safe. Below, you can view our security alerts and scam warnings. You can also see tips for protecting your sensitive information.

Debt-Collection Scams

We have received word that certain unidentified parties have been contacting customers illegally. These unauthorized parties falsely claim to be representatives of PayDayAllDay. The fraudulent communications have included emails and phone calls (and occasionally paper mail). The callers claim that the consumers owe them money. These parties have no association with us whatsoever. They are not our representatives. We don’t lend money, so we can’t collect.

Warning Signs of Debt-Collection Scams

On the phone:

Phone fraud
  • The person who calls you is pushy, rude or aggressive.
  • The speaker’s English is poor.
  • The area code for the phone number is overseas.
  • The caller makes any sort of threat against you.
  • The caller is ambiguous about the debt they claim you owe them and cannot provide you with concrete details.
  • There are immediate demands that you pay straight away.

Via email:

Email fraud
  • The sender is a personal account and not an address associated with PayDayAllDay (all our emails come from the PayDayAllDay domain).
  • The case numbers and amounts listed in the email are nonexistent.
  • Threats appear in the body of the email or in the subject line.
  • Immediate payment is demanded.
What should you do if you have received an email or phone call you find suspicious? The best thing to do is contact us directly. We will let you know once we investigate the situation. Once you do that, you should complain to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). You should also file a report with local law enforcement.

Watch Out For Loan Scams

Along with debt collection scams, loan scams are also becoming common in today’s world. We have received reports that unknown parties posing falsely and illegally as PayDayAllDay representatives have been attempting to scam consumers in this manner.

Loans scams:

Loan fraud
  • Anytime a party contacts you asking for advance payment on a loan, that is a red flag.
  • Most loan scams involving prepayment ask for the money be sent via Western Union, MoneyGram, money order, or prepaid card.
  • Communications about loan scams are unsolicited, and may even concern loans you never applied for.
Consumers contacted by these parties are asked to make a payment in order to receive a loan. Often, they are requested to load the funds onto a prepaid card. They may be asked to submit cash via Western Union, MoneyGram or a money order. The scammers may claim this is a “deposit,” “fee,” “taxes,” or so on. PayDayAllDay never charges any sort of fee for the services we provide. We will never ask you to provide any kind of payment to receive a loan.

Stay Safe

Verifying Your Information

If you cannot confirm the identity of the party contacting you, never provide your personal or financial information.

Suspicious Calls or Emails

Report all suspicious activity like calls, emails or debt collection! Contacts us directly at [email protected]

Do Not Use Prepaid Cards

Never load funds onto a prepaid card to receive a loan. Never send money to prepaid or debit cards!