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PayDayAllDay unveils the ongoing PayDayAllDay Scholarship as a tribute to our ambition of promoting financial literacy and borrowing responsibility among Americans. PayDayAllDay Scholarship celebrates accomplishments and self-improvement, reinforcing vision and values, and communicating the practices and behaviors that lead to personal finance success in its many forms.

About PayDayAllDay

By partnering with top lenders who care about our customers as much as we do, PayDayAllDay offers a range of services like instant loans, no credit check loans or personal loans. One-hour payday loan is a faster, easier way to get cash in an emergency. Similar to traditional in-store cash advances, they provide financial help, but the approval for same day loans is much faster, as the company’s aim is to make the fast cash loan process as simple as possible. PaydayAllDay believes that giving a chance to all students to delve into this matter is the key to the widespread dissemination of important and useful knowledge concerning financial responsibility.

The Award

A $500 Scholarship will be awarded two times a year and on an ongoing basis from our Scholarship fund, aiming at helping students cover their study-related costs.

How to Enter

The Applicants are expected to submit to [email protected] an original Video or Infographic, along with a 750 words Essay discussing one of the following topics.
  • What Does this Scholarship Mean to You?
  • College Student’s Personal Finance Credit Card or Student Loan – Should It Be Limited?

The Deadlines

The Deadlines for submission of the Works throughout the year are: April 30th, October 31st.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time enrollment in high school or at least part-time in college, graduate, professional, or trade school.
  • U.S. citizenship
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.

Winner Announcement

The winner will be selected and announced on our website within three weeks after each Deadline.

Terms and Conditions

Before applying for the PayDayAllDay Scholarship (referred to as “Scholarship” herein) read all the related information carefully. By submitting your application, you agree to the following terms and conditions.
Disclaimer +
We will not charge the applicant in any way. We are not affiliated with any specific school. Information provided in the scholarship application will be treated as confidential, and will not be shared with third parties.
The Application Process +
All correspondence between the applicant and the company will be operated via email. When submitting the essay, info-graphic or Video, applicants are required to state their name, address, and phone number. The Essay and Info-graphic must be attached to the E-mail. If the applicant has made a video, the link to the video should be included in the E-mail. The application should contain necessary attachments confirming current or future enrollment at a University. A student may apply more than once in this scholarship contest.
The Judgement Process +
The company will select the scholarship recipients at their sole discretion. A Committee consisting of company’s Executives will select the recipients of the scholarship based on the criteria of originality, correctness, and quality of the submitted material. The decision of the selection committee is final.
The Award Process +
The Winner will be contacted by e-mail within two weeks from the scholarship deadline. To be awarded the scholarship, the student must comply with the eligibility criteria established and outlined on company’s website The company reserves the right not to grant the scholarship to the winner in case the winner will not reply by the date specified in the company’s message. If the winner declines the scholarship, it can be granted to another applicant of company’s choice. Before receiving the scholarship, the winner will be required to show proof of enrollment or evidence that they have been accepted on an accredited university. Scholarships can be remitted to the school the student attends, based on the information provided by the winner on where at the institution to send the award payment. A student can be awarded this scholarship only once.
Final Provisions +
The applicants must notify the company regarding any changes in his or her contact information that may affect the company’s ability to reach them. The applicant will be disqualified if he or she refuses to present the necessary proof for the eligibility criteria. The scholarship can be paid into the winner’s nominated bank account, or by other means, to be discussed between the company and the applicant. The company reserves the right to decide how the payment will be wired and can withdraw the offer of scholarship in case an amicable and realistic payment process cannot be reached. The applicant grant permission to use their photo and a short biography on the company’s site in case of winning, or in case of being selected as a finalist. By applying to this scholarship, the applicants allow the submitted works to be published on the company’s site. All inquiries will be answered within 72 hours from the receipt of the e-mail. The scholarship program (deadlines, requirements, award amounts, etc.) can be changed at company’s discretion. Scholarship program can be canceled at any point at company’s discretion. Complaints or inquiries related to the scholarship can be sent to [email protected]

Our Scholarship Recipients

Choosing a scholarship winner is not an easy task. We get to read many interesting essays. We’d like to mention the following students that have impressed us the most. Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet our Winners!

October 2018 Winner

Name: Jessica Cherubin Institution: University Graduate School at Florida International University (FIU) Degree: Master Program: Adult Education / Human Resources Development

May 2019 Winner

Name: Emma Lipkowski Institution: University of Akron Degree: Expected graduation – May, 2022 Program: Biomedical Engineering

May 2019 Consolation Prize

Name: Rosemary Peterson Institution: University of Kansas Degree: Expected graduation – May, 2022 Program: Applied Behavioral Science

October 2019 Winner

Name: Jenna Proulx Institution: Chariho High School Degree: Associate Expected graduation: May, 2022