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PayDayAllDay Team

The PDAD team is an eclectic mix of formally qualified and experienced personnel that have come together under the leadership of CEO Theodore Jefferson. All team members are well versed in financial matters, not just lending, and can offer both advice and direction in relation to your money matters. Security, friendliness, empathy, information and a genuine desire to help is where the PDAD team stands head and shoulders above most competitors. Service with sales is our operational motto.
Theodore Jefferson

The PDAD CEO, ‘Ted’ Jefferson has spent more than 20 years in finance, mainly in loan related businesses. He had his own small company which he ran from a home office before he realized that he needed to expand and provide first class loan services to those that most need them. Ted has an MBA in Finance from the Johnson Cornell College of Business. It’s his vision of making PayDayAllDay the best of the best in fast cash loans in a growing industry that inspires his team to provide amazing customer service.

Brian Speier

No business can run without a rock on which to anchor the daily activities. Brian Speier is ‘the rock’ at PayDayAllDay. Running an online business requires not only technical know-how to make sure all the systems are running smoothly, but also requires the support staff to have a lot of patience when helping people and troubleshooting systems. Brian’s background is in CRM systems, computer security, and expertise with Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Brian is also a loans expert, just in case.

Don Johnson
Head of Technical Department

Don is an extremely talented Information Technology Specialist and a skilled systems engineer. His over 10 years of experience in project management, systems administration, and IT Security makes him a reliable senior level employee on whose expertise we rely on with confidence. There’s no bug he can’t fix.

JT Watkins
Expert Author

James has enjoyed the transition of working for large financial institutions to now working with a small, dedicated team at PayDayAllDay. At PayDayAllDay he is the ‘goto guru’ on all things to do with fast loan lending. His aim here is to genuinely help individuals obtain better visibility on the easy to manage loans, provide back up to the loan staff and senior management, and continue work on our financial guides to help people more easily understand the business of handling money.

Walt P.Springer
Expert Author

Walter “Wally” Springer has been writing about lending and financial services for over 8 years. He has a couple of e-books on the topics of lending and debt traps. He is an expert on living debt-free because that’s what Wally has been doing for the past 15 years. When Walter Springer writes about debt, you should be reading it. He has been married for 24 years and they have one son in his last year at college. Wally has formal qualifications in Accountancy.

Dorothy Goldstein

Enthusiastic, hardworking and always optimistic, young and determined to pay off her student debts, Dorothy started her freelance collaboration with us while being a student at the University of Michigan. Her motivation to help others become financial literate makes her an irreplaceable member of our team.

Marcus Whelan
Vocational Expert and Blogger

Marcus cut his teeth in the area of finances. After leaving school he worked as liaison between credit bureaus and his company’s lending staff, gained formal qualifications in financial services, then spent a couple of years as a mortgage broker helping people recover from the financial disaster of 2008. He is married with a couple of kids of school age.

Susan Jordan
Freelance Blogger and Journalist

When you are fresh out of an MBA, you are eager and full of new information. Susan is our most flexible team member and ready to pitch in and help in any area of customer service that needs her skills. Within a short period she has become an expert in short term loans and of course knows the best way to ease the burden of loans.

Jessica Butch Salazar
Freelance Blogger

Jessica is a graduate from MIT Sloan where she did a course on managerial Finance. Jessica and her husband Stephen have two children, both in high school, and she has returned to the workforce after an 8 year absence while raising the family. She loves glamping, which is camping in luxury. Her and Stephen get away as often as possible. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge about finance.