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Payday Loans in Washington

Lenders are prohibited from holding more than one check totaling $700 from any borrower at any one time. Repayment plans are required at no cost. Washington law makes cooling off periods available of one business day after repayment, 45 days after a borrower’s fifth loan in 180 days and 90 days after the borrower completes a repayment plan.

  • Maximum loan amount: The lower of $700 or 30% of borrower’s gross monthly income
  • Minimum loan term: 14 days, to a maximum of 45 days
  • Maximum APR: Maximum $15 per $100 borrowed/2 weeks, APR of 390%
  • Rollovers: Rollovers are prohibited

Legal Framework for Payday Lending in Washington

Regulating the fine line of payday lending in Washington is the Washington State Legislature.

We at PayDayAllDay strongly suggest our consumers to do their research, and carefully analyze and compare the terms of services, rates, fees, and other conditions offered by several lenders before engaging in any borrowing activity.