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Essentials you should buy in bulk to save money

When strolling down the aisle of a grocery store, the frugal shopper always wants to stock up on almost anything and everything they come across. While it makes sense at that moment, you may end up stocking food items that expire at a certain date. This results in the food spoiling before it’s consumed.

Bulk buying is a smart move, but only if done right. This means knowing which item makes sense to buy in bulk and what to buy as & when it’s needed. We’ll quickly outline the seven most important items — covering both food and non-food brands — you must consider buying in bulk. This will no doubt save you time and money.

1. Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

If you happen to spot toilet paper and paper towels on sale, then, by all means, go ahead & buy in bulk. Firstly, these products don’t have expiry dates. Secondly, it’ll prove to be much cheaper in the long run. Generally, the cost per unit is significantly reduced if you purchase items in bulk.

You’ll notice that buying items in smaller quantities will prove to be more expensive than buying in bulk. And If you’re a large family, purchasing tissue paper in bulk will work to your advantage as you won’t run out of this must needed product easily.

But before buying boxes and boxes of tissue paper, make sure that you have ample space to store them. The last thing you want are rows of toilet paper neatly stacked in your hallway due to storage issues.

2. Dental Products

Here we’re basically referring to items such as toothpaste and dental floss. Many people have particular brands they have tried and grown to like. In such cases it makes sense to purchase the product in bulk so you have it on hand for a while even if the brand discontinues production.

You can also consider buying toothbrushes in bulk. Remember; dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush at least every three months. If you buy toothbrushes in bulk, you certainly won’t have any problems complying with that advice.

3. Soap

Still, on toiletries, it’s wise to purchase soap in bulk because it also won’t expire. If you have a large family, simply make a list of each family member’s favorite brand and stock up.

Apart from saving you money, you don’t have to worry about stepping into the shower only to realize you’ve run out of soap. Besides, bathing is a daily occurrence. For some people, they even bath twice or three times a day! If you happen to fall in that category then stocking up on soap is definitely a wise idea.

This soap can either be in the form of the regular bars, shower gels or bubble bath. Note that laundry soap also falls under this category.

4. Batteries

Batteries are also items you can consider buying in bulk. If your TV remote has ever stopped working abruptly—with no spare battery in sight— then you’ll agree that this is an idea worth considering. Go through all your battery operated devices and make a list of the type of batteries they use.

We’ll quickly point out that proper storage of batteries is extremely important to extend their shelf life. This means keeping your batteries away from heat or sunlight exposure otherwise they’ll cease to function. We strongly recommend that you store them in cool environments such as closed cupboards.

5. Pet Food

Dog or cat owners must definitely consider purchasing pet food in bulk. But here we recommend buying dry pet food as opposed to wet. Wet pet food usually has many preservatives and is likely to go bad after a certain date.

As a dog or cat owner, you’re probably aware of your pet’s favorite food. And chances are your four-legged friend won’t have a problem with you feeding him or her that same food regularly.

If you do have a fussy pet, then figure out the types of dry food or biscuits they like and stock up on those. If a supplier discontinues production or there is short supply, you know your pet will at least be happy during meal times for a few more months while you look for alternatives.

6. Canned Foods

It’s also a wise idea to buy canned foods in bulk. These can include anything from canned beans to peas to fish. Generally, canned foods tend to last when unopened. This means they’ll be edible for as long as they’re sealed and stored in your pantry. But once opened, it’s advisable to consume the food right away or within the recommended time frame.

7. Diapers and Baby Wipes

If you have any babies in the house, then it’s a smart idea to buy diapers and baby wipes in bulk. But first, you must establish the brand your child’s skin doesn’t react to.

With diapers, it’s also recommended to buy in bulk only after your little one has recently moved a size up as babies grow fast.


There are plenty of other items you can buy in bulk depending on your needs. But always ensure that you have adequate space to store your items.

Now, be smart: buy in bulk and save!