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Emma Lipkowski

Congratulations to Emma Lipkowski – our PDAD Scholarship winner! We were pleasantly impressed by her essay ‘My 5 Incentives that Motivate Me to Achieve More’ for what Emma Lipkowski got awarded with a $500 scholarship by PayDayAllDay. We appreciate her motivation towards achieving her goals. We publish Emma’s essay here in the hope that you will appreciate it, too.

My 5 Incentives that Motivate Me to Achieve More

My plan is to complete my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. My passion would be to pursue a career that would allow me to create artificial organs/devices for those with coinciding health issues. The artificial organs that patients would receive would offer a chance at a healthy life for many who were once hopeless.

My long-term career goals would include the availability of these medical devices to all patients in need, not just the select few. A sad reality is that not everyone receives the transplant required. My intent is to create a better quality of life for those who need it thanks to my passion for biomedical engineering.

After deciding what my goal is, how do I stay motivated toward obtaining the goal through all the obstacles and challenges I must navigate to achieve it. In order to motivate myself, I must know that I am in control. Being in control, allows me to be more self-assured and confident. I try harder and find it easier to overcome setbacks because of the decisions I have made on my own. The incentives that motivate me include visualization, documentation, accountability, positivity, and reward.

The simple technique of visualization by creating a mental image of a future event helps me to see my desired outcome. I begin to believe that I can achieve my goal. When I can see it happening in my mind, I am motivated and prepared to pursue my goal. I must see it before I can believe it. I can visualize myself in my cap and gown receiving my Biomedical Engineering degree diploma. I can see myself working at my first job, etc.

My second incentive is documentation. Whether I create a list of goals or better yet create a vision/dream board, it is an effective reminder of what I truly want to achieve in life. The board is a powerful pictorial motivator to push me to realize my goals. By placing my vision board in a significant spot, I will see it every day training my mind what my dreams and goals are and why I am doing what I am doing. The consistency in the visualization of the board happens every time I view it.

Achieving anything in life takes practice with no excuses. I have to identify the correct commitment system to reach my goals. Setting goals and sharing it with someone else provides accountability which is the third incentive. If the person I tell has similar goals, that person serves as a form of competition. We can also compare our progress and see if we need to push each other harder to reach our goal. I won’t be allowed to cancel or get away with not doing what I promised. Because others know my goal, they will challenge, encourage, and push me to succeed. While it is helpful to have someone else make me accountable, I need to have the self-control and the determination to accomplish my goal on my own. Believing I can do anything will help me be accountable to myself, and that is what I truly need to be successful.

If I enjoy what I am doing, it makes me more successful and reminds me of what goal I am pursuing. When I feel unmotivated and low in energy, it’s easy to lose sight of my goals. I must spend less time with negative people and spend more time with enthusiastic or motivated people who lift me up and make me feel good about myself. Being happy and feeling good about myself and my work motivates me to succeed and work harder to achieve my goals.

My final incentive is rewarding myself. I choose to treat myself and celebrate my successes, big or small. When I look forward to a nice reward after the completion of a task or a project, then my motivation tends to rise. If I celebrate success by taking the time to appreciate what I did or by telling someone about my success, then that also recharges my motivation and positivity.

With the five incentives that motivate me, I know that I will succeed. If I achieve all the goals that I have set for myself, I will have empowered hopeless people to fight for a life they deserve. Also, I will have the viewpoint that every day I will go to work developing life-saving devices and performing research that improved the quality of life for millions of people. How is that for motivation?