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Find out the best passive income ideas that'll make you money while you sleep like koala
People have different perspectives on why money is so important to them. You may need money to keep the roof over your head and have a plate of food every day, but other people may need money to keep their business running or to help fund a charitable organization. No matter what group you fall in, money may be difficult to come by. And then there are people who don’t like working, but they always seem to have funds. Do you want to make money by not doing anything at all? Well, you’re in luck because there are ways you can make passive income without doing much work. But first of all, you should start with your habits, break the bad ones, and establish the good ones.

What is Passive Income?

Essentially, passive income is cash flow received on a regular basis that requires minimal effort. Examples of passive income include rental income and business activities where the person earning the income doesn’t physically participate in generating cash flow. Passive income can be generated by participating in the following:
  • Self-employment
  • Partnerships
  • Material participation for corporations
  • Property income
Receiving royalties – is another example of passive income. Royalties are payments made by a company to another person or business in exchange for the rights to use their intellectual property such as books, music, films, and photography. Here are four alternative ways you can generate your own passive income.

4 Ways to Earn Lazy Money

1. Become a Human Research Subject

Do you want to know what the laziest and easiest way to make money is? Let people work on you. Although it may require some paperwork on your side, becoming a human test subject can earn you big bucks. Scientists use humans as test subjects in two ways:
  • Observationally: Scientists will study you and several other people on the dynamics of human behavior & opinions. You may have to participate in surveys and activities so the scientists can work on their projects effectively.
  • Interventional: You’ll take a series of medical tests and trials for newly developed pharmaceuticals or medical equipment.
Each year scientists in the US require at least 10 million healthy test subjects to conduct their research on. Depending on the risks, duration, and studies human test subjects can get paid $10 000 or more.

2. The NASA Bed Rest Study

Yes, it’s true. You can earn money while you sleep. Often NASA relies on human test subjects to support data collection. In the NASA bed rest study, they offer to pay subjects up to $5 000 to simply stay in bed. The bed rest study aids scientists to see how the body adapts to weightlessness. Test subjects spend up to 70 days in bed with their heads tilted downward at a six-degree angle. Subjects must eat, exercise and shower in this position for the given time as this helps the body to adapt as if they were in space. Scientists can then monitor the bodies’ reactions to certain circumstances and use the data for future NASA projects in space.

3. Become a Food Taster

Who doesn’t want to get paid for tasting food? You can get paid up to $50 000 a year if you become a professional food taster. There are companies that conduct paid research taste testing studies all over the US. There might even be one near you. Market research is vitally important to companies that manufacture edible items. Companies wouldn’t fork out billions of dollars developing a product that cannot be sold. So these production companies conduct prototypes for people to test. Food testers give their opinions on the taste and quality of the product before it’s manufactured & sold to regular consumers. Taste-testing isn’t limited to big-time corporations as professional chefs can also conduct studies for their newly developed recipes.

4. Social Media Influencer

You know all those fashion and makeup gurus you’re following on Instagram & YouTube? Those guys are known as influencers. They get paid for dressing up, doing makeup tutorials and basically streaming their lives on video for the world to see. Some influencers get paid for simply doing what they usually do on a day-to-day basis. Other YouTubers like Jenna Marbles (net worth $6.5 million) and Lilly Singh ($16 million) get paid to make their own funniest videos & post them every week. You could become internet famous for making funny videos on YouTube. Lilly Singh has made some cameos on TV and movies & even award shows.

Final Thoughts – Who Needs a Job or a Degree?

So folks, you really don’t need to work in corporate and you don’t need a degree to earn big-time bucks these days. Note that it’s best to only use these methods if you can’t find any other job and you need to generate cash to survive. Don’t leave your job or leave school simply to make a quick buck. Some people do suffer from being lazy although they’re ambitious at the same time. It’s quite the paradox but that doesn’t mean you can’t aspire to be something great. As seen above creativity is probably the best way to earn money. It doesn’t require much, only your imagination and an audience.