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Spring is a good time to eat fresh fruits and to save lots of money

Spring is coming! The warm air, the fresh scents, the beautiful colors; it all combines to create a wonderful time. We all love spring and the return of life to the natural world, but did you know that spring is also a great time to save money?

Here a number of crazy ways to save money in the spring. These simple tips can help you save money quickly. They can make your spring more lucrative than you could ever have imagined.

1. Reduce Your Power Consumption

Spring is a great time of year to give everything a rest. You had the heat on all winter, and you will likely have the air conditioning on all summer, so use the spring to reduce your utility bills. Open the windows and let in all that fresh spring air. Not only will it eliminate all of the stale air that has built up over the winter, but it will also save you a whole lot of money on electricity and gas. You can save even more if you unplug all of the electronics when you’re not at home.

2. Get Outside

Unless your job is as a professional ski instructor, you have probably been cooped up all winter. You may have a gym membership, so you can keep up an exercise routine during the winter months. Spring may be a good time to ditch that membership for at least a few months. You can save a ton of money simply moving your fitness routine out of doors.

If you run, then find a local path and join others in practice. If you don’t run, then, eat dinner and head outside for a walk around the block, or the entire neighborhood. The point is, take advantage of the warmer temperatures and the extra hour or two of sunshine and turn off the TV. Eat more fruits and vegetables, which are less expensive than processed foods and enjoy saving time and money.

3. Be a Smart Shopper

Spring brings everything back to life, including the retail sector. The dawn of spring is a great time to save a lot of money preparing for next winter. There are many clearance sales on winter clothing, including high-ticket items like coats and jackets or accessories. Your local thrift shops and consignment stores also get a lot of winter gear during the spring, so buying in advance can be a great source of value, as well.

When you’re buying groceries, keep an eye on the frozen food cases, because March is “National Frozen Food Month.” It is an opportunity to get some great deals on food for the whole family. Many retailers have deals on mattresses and bedding in the spring, too, so this could be a great time to get a great deal on a potentially pricey item.

Springtime is also a great time for travel bargains. Many companies try to entice many families to make their summer vacation plans early by offering great deals on vacation packages.

4. Save Money on Spring Cleaning

One thing everyone wants to do every spring is to clean and refresh everything. That is why “spring cleaning” was invented. The house has been closed up for a few months or more, and everything gets to feel stale and old. You want to clean everything and make it all seem fresher and more, well, spring-like. The problem is, loading up on all those cleaning solutions can become very expensive every spring.

However, with a handful of basic, very inexpensive ingredients, it’s very possible to save a ton of money by making cleaners yourself. The basic ingredients for most of these cleaners are probably already in the house. You need vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. It’s easy to find recipes for do-it-yourself cleaners online, and you’ll be proud of how much money you save over the cost of the cleaners you used to use.

5. Instead of Tossing it All, Sell It

If you’re doing a thorough spring cleaning, there is a good chance you’re considering throwing a lot of stuff away. Well, keep in mind, spring is also an optimum time for yard and garage sales. This is a great opportunity to make a few bucks on the stuff you would typically throw in the trash.

Whether you decide to have a yard or garage sale, or you just list the stuff on eBay or Craigslist, most people are surprised at how much extra money they make selling that stuff. You not only clean your own mess, but you’re saving others a lot of money by selling your stuff for less than the buyers would pay in a store or online.

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